About me

Where I started

My passion about languages started when I was little – I was given an interesting book in English and decided that I have to translate into the two other languages I spoke: Bulgarian and Russian. This passion for languages remained insatiable as years went by and it still is – it led me though Russian and German, finally plunging me into Romanian. Quite logically I embarked on a linguistic journey as student, majoring in Romanian philology at the Sofia University. After graduating I  chose to study a Masters degree in Conference Interpreting in English, which offered me even a greater and more interesting challenge before me: interpretation. Truly fascinated and devoted I left my nine-to-five job to register as a self-employed translator and interpreter, and pursue my passion – to work and joggle with languages, texts, words and meanings.

Where I am

My journey led me to become a Professor of Honour at the Sofia University — I teach Romanian; and led me to freelance interpreting and translation.

Some of the events I interpreted at include:

  • Simultaneous interpreter at the bilateral conference for the Tenth Anniversary Bulgaria’s membership in the EU in Ruse 2017
  • Consecutive interpreter at the hearing of the Bulgarian Minister of Regional Development and the Romanian Ambassador in Bulgaria.
  • Consecutive interpreter at the meeting of the Bulgarian Minister of Regional Development and his Romanian peer at an intergovernmental meeting in Euxinograd 2017
  • Consecutive interpreter at the bilateral professional meetings between Laura Codruta Kovesi – Chief Prosecutor at the Romanian National Anticorruption Directorate, and Bulgarian magistrates. Simultaneous interpreter at the conference “The Romanian Experience: anticorruption institutions and measures” – March 2017

As a translator I have significant experience with online content and marketing, which includes whole websites and also localisation and transcreation for companies such as Ryaniar, Visa and Hourglass via the TransPerfect Family of companies, which I work with, AdNow etc. Besides I love film translation and I do both: translations for voice over and subtitling.

Why the T-corner?

The T-corner is my corner of the web, which will host me as a professional, working with different types of Text, Translations, Trascreations, Transcriptions and etc. So, basically, “T” is for text and all text related activities I am engaged in.